PolDecor Wallcovering

PolDecor is ideal for Decoration, insulation and soundproofing for Interior Wall.

It Is a modern wall panelling that can be applied to old and new masonry, plasterboard, wood, in areas with mold and moisture problems as well as ceilings and any other surface you can think of.

Is ideal for residential interiors, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, children bedrooms, living room, kitchen and every place where stylishness, good taste and imagination is needed.

PolDecor provides incomparable designs with a unique sense of luxury with astonishing soft velvet touch that will impress and the most demanding.  

PolDecor uses 100% ecological components and glue adhesion of bamboo, eco - friendly. All you need is water, a plastic container, primer and a plastic spatula

With Poldecor decoration you can renew your place... easily - quickly and economically!

Broad variety of patterns and colours  
Particular patterns can be combined
Ease of Use
Neither special skills nor experience for application is required
Thermal Insulation
The product creates and additional thermal insulating layer.
Natural Ingredients

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