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Adjustable Skates


Model Capacity Tyre of Roller No. of Roller
DURM60 6 tonnes nylon 8 pieces
DURM120 12 tonnes nylon 12 pieces
DURM240 24 tonnes steel 16 pieces

Aluminum Platform Truck

Model Capacity Platform Size Overall Size
DURP150 150kg 750x470mm 750x470x980mm

Complete Skate Kits


Model Capacity Length Support Width Support Total Height
DURK20 20 tonne 120mm 120mm 108mm
DURK30 30 tonne 120mm 120mm 117mm
DURK60 60 tonne 130mm 130mm 140mm

Double Scissor Lift Table

Model Capacity Raised Height  Platform Size Base Frame Size
DURD1000 1000kg 1780mm 820x1300mm 640x1240mm
DURD2000 2000kg 1780mm 850x1300mm 785x1220mm

Electric Aluminium Work Platform

Model DURAP7.5-2000 DURAP9-2000
Capacity (Kg) 200 150
Working Height 9.5mm 11.0m
Platform Height 7.5m 9.0m
Overall Length 1.5m 1.5m
Overall Width 1.0m 1.0m
Overall Height 1.99m 1.99m
Platform Size 1.0×0.70m 1.0×0.70m
Ground Clearance 0.05m 0.05m
Wheelbase 1.28m 1.28m
Turning Radius 0 0
Drive Motors 2x24VDC/0.5kw 2x24VDC/0.5kw
Lifting Motors 24VDC/2kw 24VDC/2kw
Travel Speed (slowed / raised) 4km/1.1km/h 4km/1.1km/h
Up / Down Speed 65/50sec 70/55sec
Batteries 2x12V/120Ah 2x12V/120Ah
Gradeability 25% 25%
Tyres Motor Wheels 200x800mm 200x800mm
Tyres Front Wheels 8in 8in
Weight (Kg) 1100 1250

Electric Lift Table


Model Capacity Table Size Table Height Overall Size
DURES100 1000kg 480/950mm 1010x520mm 520x1260mm
DURES30D 300kg 495/1600mm 1010/520mm 520x1260mm
DURES50D 500kg 495/1618mm 1010/520mm 520x1260mm
DURES80D 800kg 510/1460mm 1010/520mm 520x1260mm
DURES50LA 500kg 1525x620mm 440/1150mm 620x1780mm
DURES50LB 500kg 1200x800mm 430/1220mm 800x1390mm
DURES100L 1000kg 1200x800mm 430/1220mm 800x1390mm
DURES30 300kg 450/950mm 1010/520mm 520x1185mm
DURES50 500kg 450/950mm 1010/520mm  20x1185mm
DURES75 750kg 450/950mm 1010/520mm 520x1260mm

Electric Motorcycle Lift


Model Max.Capacity Max. / Min. Platform Height Platform Size
DURE500 500kg 800mm / 170mm 2200 x 700mm

Electric Order Picker


Model DURZYT3-3.5 DURZYT3-4.0 DURZYT3-4.5
Capacity (Kg) 300 300 300
Working Height 5.5m 6.0m 6.5m
Platform Height 3.5m 4.0m 4.5m
Overall Length 1.53m 1.53m 1.53m
Overall Width 0.7m 0.7m 0.7m
Overall Height 1.64m 1.81m 1.98m
Platform Size 0.9m x 0.64m 0.9m x 0.64m 0.9m x 0.64m
Ground Clearance 0.05. 0.05m 0.05m
Wheelbase 1.24m 1.24m 1.24m
Turning radius 0 0 0
Drive Motors 2x24VDC/0.4kw 2x24VDC/0.4kw 2x24VDC/0.4kw
Lifting Motor 24VDC/2kw 24VDC/2kw 24VDC/2kw
Travel Speed (Slowed / Ralsed) 4km/1.1km/h 4km/1.1km/h 4km/1.1km/h
Up / Down Speed 17/19sec 20/22sec 23/25sec
Batteries 2x12V/120Ah 2x12V/120Ah 2x12V/120Ah
Gradeability 25% 25% 25%
Tyres Drive Motor 230x80mm 230x80mm 230x80mm
Tyres Front Wheels 6in 6in 6in
Weight (Kg) 655 665 675

Electric Pallet Truck


Model Drive Motor Lift Motor Fork Dim. Fork Spread Lift Battery Truck’s Overall Dim
DUREPT 20 0.65kw AC 0.84kw 1150x150mm 560mm 115mm 24V/60Ah 1600x560mm

Electric Stacker

Model Capacity Liſt Height Overall length / width
DURLB1229 1250kg  2820mm 1725 x 692 mm
DURLB1236 1250Kg 3520mm 1908 x 890mm

Four Way Pallet Truck


Model Capacity Min.Fork Height Max.Fork Height Length Width over Forks Net Weight
DURPF12S 2000/1200kg  85mm  205mm 1150mm 540mm 75kg
DURPF12L 2000/1200kg 85mm 205mm 1150mm  540mm 78kg

Full Electric Stacker

Model Capacity Max.Fork Height Overall Dimensions
DURK1545 1500kg 4500mm 2013x940x2175mm
DURS1550 1500kg 4915mm 2170x1040mm
DURME1016 1000kg 1530mm 1725x692mm
DURLE1229 1200kg 2820mm 1725x692mm
ES -12 M 1200kg 3000mm