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These General Terms and Conditions of Use (Terms) are mandatory for the user who wishes to use the services offered by Demetriades Handling, registered in Cyprus, here in after called Demetriades Handling, we, us, through the site www.demetriadeshandling.com (Site).

To use the Demetriades Handling SITE, it is essential that the user, hereinafter you, accept these Terms and other policies.

WHEN ACCESSING THE Demetriades Handling WEBSITE, it is important that you read these Terms and other policies carefully. If you accept them, you will be subject to all conditions, rules and penalties set forth in these documents.

  • Database: set information from different users that were captured through digital marketing actions.
  • Content: any and all information accessible as part of or through the site (data, texts, software, music or other audio, films, photographs and other images, videos, or any profile information).
  • Demetriades Handling whenever the therm “Demetriades Handling” is referred to, should be considered Demetriades Handling; we, us
  • Privacy Policy: rules on the processing of the user’s personal data.
  • Site: access made through the virtual address www.demetriadeshandling.com
  • Terms and Conditions of Use: rules established for the use of the site.
  • Processing: any operation performed with personal data, such as those relating to collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.
  • User(s): person(s) accessing the site.
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation.

2.1. Without prejudice to the fulfilment of the other obligations contained in these Terms, the user undertakes to: (a) do not violate the privacy of other USERS; (b) do not impersonate a Demetriades Handling representative transmitting information that induces other users; (c) do not use material that violates the rights of third parties; (d) follow the GDPR in the processing of personal data;

2.2. Failure to comply with the conditions, terms and observations of use of this SITE will result in notification of the USER, as well as the cancelation or suspension of his/her registration, temporarily or definitively, without prejudice to the relevant legal commination’s;

2.3. The USER will respond jointly with Demetriades Handling, in case his/her conduct cause harm to another person, and Demetriades Handling is obliged to indemnify the victim of the illicit.


3.1. Demetriades Handling is the copyright holder of all the works that compose its website, such as, without limitation, texts, engravings, drawings and images, pursuant to the EU copyright legislation. The use of our works depends on prior and express authorization. Therefore, the contents of the pages of the SITE cannot, without limitation, be copied, reproduced, transferred, published, modified.Even the source code of the website deserves equal protection, because the regime of protection to the intellectual property of computer program is the one granted to literary works by the Copyright Legislation. The violation of copyright and related rights constitutes a crime, as provided for in article Trademark act 1994. (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/intellectual-property-offences/intellectual-property-offences).

3.1.1. For the press or journalistic media, Demetriades Handling does not authorize the copying, reproduction, transfer, publication, modification or distribution of the content contained, solely, on the SITE page whose virtual address is www.demetriadeshandling.com

3.2. Demetriades Handling trademark(s) cannot be used without authorization. Commits a crime against trademark registration who (i) reproduces, without authorization of the holder, in whole or in part, trademark, or imitates it in a way that may induce confusion and (ii) changes trademark already bet on a product placed on the market, pursuant to the Trade Marks Act 1994.

3.3. The use of our trademark(s) is prohibited without the prior and express authorization.

3.4. It is known that infringement of intellectual property constitutes a crime! Without prejudice to the offender being also sentenced to indemnify Demetriades Handling for violating its rights.


4.1. All risks arising from the use of the SITE belong to the user. If its use results in the need for services or replacement of material, property, equipment or information of the USER, Demetriades Handling will not be liable for such costs.

4.2. The information, “software”, products, values and services published on the SITE may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies. Changes and adjustments of the information are carried out periodically.

4.3. In no event shall Demetriades Handling be liable for fault, any direct, indirect, incidental, special damage or as a consequence of any facts resulting from the use of the SITE or the inability to use it.

4.4. Demetriades Handling is not obliged to keep the SITE active and reserves the right to deactivate it at any time without prior notice, for maintenance, updating or for any other motivation.


5.1. The SITE Privacy Policy is applicable only when the USER is accessing and using the Demetriades Handling system; once forwarded to another portal,the USER will be subject to the policies of the other website, over which Demetriades Handling has no control or relationship.

5.2. By registering on the SITE, the USER understands that the application and use of a personal e-mail is indispensable. Demetriades Handling may make use this e-mail to communicate with the USERS, informing them, periodically, about updates, news, offers, services and products of Demetriades Handling itself. The sending of these communications by e-mail may be cancelled by the USER at any time.

5.3. Demetriades Handling actively supports the regulations for the protection of personal data, including the General Law of Protection of Personal Data (GDPR EU), against the violation of personal data and any information that may serve, directly or indirectly, to identify a person.

5.4. Demetriades Handling recognizes the importance of respecting the privacy of those who visit and choose to take advantage of the information offered on our website. Please,refer to the link at the bottom of any page to check the applicable version of our policy. Click here to see our Privacy Policy.


6.1. Demetriades Handling may modify, alter and/or adjust these Terms at any time. These modifications, changes and/or adjustments will become mandatory from their publication. For this purpose,the USER must check the Terms of Use periodically, subordinating to the acceptance of the terms in force.


7.1. The USER will indemnify Demetriades Handling for any illegal activities that have been performed on the SITE; for non-compliance with any of the clauses of these Terms and/or for the violation of any law or rights of third parties, being the responsibility of the USER to compensation for losses and damages, more attorneys’ fees and procedural costs.


8.1. These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with CY law, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Cyprus, with the express renunciation of any other, however privileged or special it may be.

Demetriades Handling, however, reserves the right to act judicially in other different countries beyond Cyprus to protect its interests or enforce its rights, whenever it deems appropriate.

If you have any questions, complaints and/or exercise of your rights, please contact Demetriades Handling by e-mail: info@new.demetriadeshandling.com

Created in: Oct 31, 2022

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